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Freelance Editing Jobs - Top 10 Most Popular Freelance Editing Job Opportunities

Freelance editing jobs are available to most people who want an independent job....

Editor, Greeting Card

Selects and edits original sentiments for use on greeting cards......

Editor, Managing, Newspaper

Negotiates with newspaper owner's representative to establish publication polici...

Editor, News

Plans layout of newspaper edition: Receives news copy, photographs, and dummy pa...

Editor, Newspaper

Formulates editorial policy and directs operation of newspaper......

Editor, Publications

Formulates policy; plans, coordinates, and directs editorial activities; and sup...

Editorial Writer

Writes comments on topics of reader interest to stimulate or mold public opinion...

Assignment Editor

Supervises and coordinates activities of radio or television news gathering staf...

Bureau Chief

Directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in selecting......

9 archived articles
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